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Digicel starts new year with Happy Resolutions SMS game

January 9th 2017 - Digicel starts new year with Happy Resolutions SMS game

Digicel starts new year with Happy Resolutions SMS game



Digicel is helping customers stick to their new year’s resolutions throughout January with a fun new SMS game Happy Resolutions.


The SMS-based game is open to all prepaid and postpaid customers 18 years and over and will see K100,000 worth of prizes given to customers from now until January 31.


To participate in the game, customers simply text the keyword NEW to short code 1644 to receive New Year’s Resolutions tokens.


Each resolution token will contain a different message worth varying points, from 10 to 100 respectively.


Each time a customer texts NEW to short code 1644, they will receive an SMS reply with the token they earned and a total summary of the points they have collected. They will also be able to find out their player ranking, which includes their competition standing in real-time. 


There will be daily random cash prize giveaways to participants throughout the duration of the game valued at K24, 000


Digicel Managing Director, Mobile, Shivan Bhargava said there were great cash prizes to be won.


“The winning player will walk away with K70, 000, two random prizes of K3, 000 will be given away and many customers will be gifted with instant cash prizes valued at K24, 000 by playing Happy Resolutions,” he said.


“We’re well and truly into the new year and this competition is a fun way to help promote sticking to new year’s resolutions while adding a bit of excitement for our loyal customers.”


Each text sent to short code 1644 will be charged 59t, including GST.

The competition ends at midnight January 31, 2017. Customers can opt out of all Digicel SMS games promotional messages by texting DND to 16022.


Parental Control blocks can be set up to ensure those under 18 years of age do not participate. To do so, simply text BLOCK to 1644 or call Digicel Customer Care on 123 to initiate the blocking.