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60 SMS Plan

1.      What is the Digicel Treats Menu on Short code *675# about?

The Digicel Treats Menu on short code *675# is a USSD menu for selected offers such as Night Pass, SMS Pass, Happy Hour and Weekend Pass.


2.      What is new about the SMS Pass on *675# (Digicel Treats Menu)?

The Daily 60SMS pass will now be purchased using the new Digicel Treats Menu *675# instead of the Short code 1629.


3.      What has changed about the SMS Pass on *675#?

There is no change, except for the removal of the auto-renewal feature and the plan will now be purchased via USSD short code *675#.


4.      What happens to the existing Short code 1629 for SMS plan purchase?

Customers can still purchase the Daily 60 SMS Bundle via the short code 1629 for now until we decide to stop it.


5.      Is this SMS Pass open to all subscribers?

No, the SMS pass is only available to Digicel Prepaid customers to subscribe.


6.      What is the offer in the SMS Pass?

The SMS Pass grants 60 Digi to Digi SMS for K1.20 and it is valid for 24 hours.