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1.     What is Buzz Me?

The objective of Buzz Me service is to provide the ability to make a missed call from A-party (with low balance) appear on the B-party’s phone rather than sending an SMS. The Buzz Me service is restricted to 10 Buzz Me’s per subscriber per day to avoid any abuse of the system by subscribers.

NB: There is no subscription or charge when using the Buzz Me Service.


2. How does it work? - Customer Experience -

A.     Party with (low balance) calls B-Party.

Dial tone will last 2sec, after 2sec the call terminates.

B.     Party will receive a missed call on their phone, (B-party receives the missed call from A-party’s mobile number. It will take no more than 5mins to receive a missed call from party A.

This will be available to Digi - Digi calls only for now. This service will be extended to other local mobile and selected international destinations later.


3. How many Buzz Me's will a subscriber be allowed to use daily?

A subscriber will only be allowed to use10 Buzz Me’s per day. Buzz Me counter resets at 00:00:01hrs.


4. How many times am I able to make a Buzz Me call to the same mobile number?

A subscriber is only allowed to send 3BuzzMe’s to the same mobile number. The 4th Buzz Me call to the same number will not initiate a missed call to the B-party.

When the subscriber makes 4 Buzz Me calls, the recipient (B-party) will only receive 3 missed calls and not the 4th one.


5. How much should I have in my balance to be eligible to use Buzz Me?

If your balance is not enough to make the desired call, you are eligible to use Buzz Me.

The minimum balance varies between 12toeasto 19toeas depending on peak and off-peak times


NB: Additionally and alternatively, a subscriber can also use Please Call Me service to reach out to their friends and family when they do not have enough balance: 

Press *126* Friend’s mobile number #SEND.



6. If I have insufficient credits and make missed call to other network or international mobile number, does the other party receive the Buzz Me?

All other networks and international mobile numbers cannot use the Buzz Me service except for MSISDNs in the following countries:

1.      Australia

2.      New Zealand;

3.      Fiji;

4.      Samoa;

5.      Nauru;&

6.      Tonga

This means if you do make a missed call to any mobile number in the countries listed, they will receive the missed call. 


7.  Will I be able to make a Buzz Me call if, I have a Voice Bundle & K0.00 credits?

NO, you cannot make a Buzz Me call if you have a voice bundle. Voice bundles have 1st charging priority over Buzz Me service, thus, subscribers who have voice bundles and zero K0.00 balance cannotmake a BuzzMe call, until the bundle is depleted.

i.e. subs with K0.00 balance and 100min bundle can make a Buzz Me after the voice bundle is depletedbetween 11PM – 7AM.


How can I get more Buzz Me calls if I have used all 10 of my Buzz Me calls in a day?

There are only 10 Buzz Me calls allowed daily to a mobile number. If you used up all 10, then the subscriber will have to wait for the counter to reset at 00:00:01hrs.