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Lotu Line Service




Start Date:   16th March 2016

End Date:    TBA

Customer Type: Prepaid & Postpaid

Short code: 16335 (IVR & SMS)

Subscription cost: A 20t daily subscription fee applies


1. Description overview:

Subscribers can now be in touch with their spiritual side at all times through their phone via Lotu Line service.

To subscribe, customers can text “Lotu” to short code 16335 or dial 16335 and follow the voice prompts.

All Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can use this service.

Texting to short code 16335 or dialing 16335 IVR line is zero rated; however, the customer will be charged a daily subscription fee of 20t which is valid for 24 hours.

Billing for the service will be Mobile Terminating (MT) via Open Charging Gateway (OCG).  

Short Code/s & Rate per Message:

Short Codes: 16335  

Description: Daily subscription fee of 20t will be charged for using the service.             

Rate (MT): 20t (GST Incl.)



2. What is Lotu Line?

The Lotu Line is an IVR based service which reach out to practicing Christians who would want to be in touch with their spiritual side at all times through their phone.

3. How does the Lotu Line service work?

·         Lotu Line is a subscription based service.

·         Texting to short code 16335 or dialing 16335 IVR line is zero rated; however, the customer will be charged a daily subscription fee of 20t which is valid for 24 hours.

·         Once subscribed, customers will receive daily notifications via SMS that their subscription has been renewed.

·         Renewal charges will apply from 8am daily at 20t per day.

·         SMS Renewal Notification will be sent out daily from 8am every day.

4. Who can use the Lotu Line service?

Lotu Line is open to all Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers.

5. How can I subscribe or unsubscribe to Lotu Line?

Subscription to Lotu Line is simple and can be activated through either of the following: 

            1. IVR – new user dials 16335 to subscribe. 

            2. SMS – new user texts LOTU to short code 16335.

            3. OBD – Promotional calls

            4. Customer Care – customer care representative can subscribe a MSISDN to the service via the Self-care interface.

Reply trigger message upon subscription: CONGRATULATIONS! You have now been successfully SUBSCRIBED to Lotu Line. Dial 16335 anytime for your daily spiritual boost! Only 20t/Day!”

Current Lotu Line users can be opted-out of the service using either of the following:

            1. IVR – existing user dials 16335 and press 9 for More Options to unsubscribe. 

            2. SMS – existing user texts STOP to short code 16335.

            3. Customer Care – customer care representative can unsubscribe a MSISDN from the service via the Self-care interface.

·         Reply trigger messages once unsubscribed: “WE'RE SORRY TO SEE YOU GO! Dial 16335 any time to re-subscribe to Lotu Line. We're glad to have been of service to you! STAY BLESSED!!”

6. What is the subscription fee? When does charging occur?

·         Daily subscription fee is 20t (GST inclusive) and valid for 24 hours.

·         All texts or calls dialed to short code 16335 is free.

·         Once the subscription fee is paid for/renewed, the customer can enjoy the Lotu Line service for 24 hours.

·         The charges apply to ALL services once you subscribe to Lotu Line where you will be able to hear all the spiritual content at 20t/day.

·         All renewals are triggered approximately 24 hours after subscription followed by a daily SMS notification. Sample trigger messages: “Dear Customer, your subscription to the Lotu Line service has been successfully renewed. Please call 16335 for your daily spiritual boost! Thank you.”

7. Will I get a notification when I am being charged for the daily subscription?

A daily message is sent at 7am every morning once customer is charged. That message is an indication that you have been charged for the service. 

If customers do not receive the message, that means they had zero balance during renewal time.

8. What happens if I don’t have credit during renewal period? Can I still listen if I top up later during the day?

Yes, if customer misses a renewal time, they can still dial 16335 once they TOP UP and select to renew subscription.

9. If I don’t have credit for renewal, will I automatically be removed from the subscription service?

·         No, customer will remain on the subscription service for a total of 14 days without credit.

·         After 14 consecutive days without funds, customer will then be removed from the service.

·         However if customer has balance within the 14 days the customer will be charged and SMS notification will be sent to customer to advise that the day’s IVR Religious Portal subscription is available.

10.   How do I navigate the Lotu Line service once I dial 16335?

Navigation through the Lotu Line portal is simple. Once the customer has dialed 16335, he will hear a Welcome message and a prompt to subscribe.

Then listen to the Lotu Line prompts to make a selection at the Main Menu:

1.       Press 1 for Catholic

( includes Mass Gospel Reading, Bible Reading, Holy Rosary, Hymns & Prayers, Bible Stories for Kids, Vatican Radio, More Options)

2.       Press 2 for Non-Catholic

(includes Bible Reading, Gospel songs, Prayers, Bible Stories for kids, Protestant Preaching, More Options )

            3. Press 3 for Easter Hymns

            4. Press 4 for Easter Bunny Story

11.   What services are available on Lotu Line once I subscribe?

Once subscribes, the following services are available for the customer to enjoy.

1.       Daily Mass Gospel;

·         Ideal for those who cannot attend Sunday Prayers.

·         Mass is relayed over IVR on their phone.

·         Alerts can be set for the ceremonies. 


2.       Bible Readings;

·         Complete Old and New Testament recorded and offered over IVR

·         Subscriber can bookmark last verse and start listening from there, the next time he dials in.


3.       Listen to Holy Rosary;

·         Meditate the mysteries of joy, sorrow and the glory of Lord.


4.       Prayers and Hymns ;

·         Prayers recital over IVR.

·         Interesting and short prayers that keep you occupied. 


5.       Bible Stories for Children via IVR;

·         Engaging retellings of Bible Stories for Children.

·         Children make it a habit as listening to prayers over a phone is amusing for them.


6.       Vatican Radio;

·         Get access to mass delivered directly.


7.       Launch of Service with Easter and Lent special:

We have introduced a special section with content exclusive to the Lent and Easter festivals such as:

·         Easter Hymns

·         Easter Bunny Stories

12. Is there a call limit for dialing 16335 to listen to the daily subscription?

·         Customers will be able to listen to the Daily Subscription for a maximum of 20 minutes per day.

·         After reaching the threshold customer will hear a prompt: Sorry you have reached your maximum call limit for today, please try again tomorrow, thank you."