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Top Up Options; 

It's no fun when you want to call your friends but you've got no credit left. Top up your phone regularly using any of the methods below:


Flex Card (Top Up Cards)

Direct Top Up

Phone 2 Phone

ATM Top Up (BSP, Westpac and ANZ)

BSP Mobile Banking

* Westpac Mobile Banking
* ANZ Mobile Banking 




If you do run out  of credit, you will  still  be able to  receive calls as long  as your  battery  is charged  and  the  phone  is turned on, however, we advise that you keep credit  on your mobile in an event you have to make those important calls.


Topping Up - Your Choice 

Flex Card (Top Up Cards)

You can purchase a Flex Card at any of our retail stores or anywhere you see the Digicel Top Up sign. Keep a Flex Card with you so you can recharge even if you run out of

credit later.

Digicel Flex Card is available at the following values

K3 (Valid for 30 days*)

K5 (Valid for 30 days*)

K10 (Valid for 30 days*)

K20 (Valid for 30 days*)

K50 (Valid for 30 days*)

K100 (Valid for 30 days*)

*From the day you top up

To Recharge with Flex Card 

Press *121*voucher number# followed by send, and check your screen for confirmation message.

Important: When scratching your Flex Card be extra careful not to scratch too hard or you'll lose the voucher number.

Always keep your Flex Card dry. If you have problems call Customer Care free on 123, and give them your voucher number and serial number located on the Flex Card.


Direct Top Up

Any of our Digicel Retail Stores can recharge your Digicel Pre Paid mobile via our secure in-store system. With Direct Top Up you can recharge for any amount between K2 and K500.


Phone 2 Phone Top Up

With Phone 2 Phone Top Up you can recharge for any amount between K2 and K500. Visit any Digicel dealer store or Phone 2 Phone agent and give your mobile number and the amount you  want  to  recharge.  Then check your  phone  for  a confirmation message.


ATM Top Up (BSP, Westpac and ANZ)

Go to your nearest BSP, Westpac or ANZ ATM machine and from the login ATM screen, select TOP UP, choose the amount you want to top up. You will receive a receipt with a Voucher Number. Enter *121* followed by the voucher number, press hash followed by send.


BSP Mobile Banking

Simply sign up with BSP’s Mobile Banking at your local BSP branch and to Top up your Digicel phone. Once you are registered, simply text TOP Digi followed by <Amount> to 16300.

Minimum Top Up is K3 including toea amounts. Bank fees apply.



Simply log on to

You can top up your own account, or your friends or families prepaid account using Visa Debit, MasterCard or American Express.



Once  you've  registered  and  lodged  money  through  a cellmoni  agent, you'll  be able to Top Up anytime  and anywhere by simply following the prompts on your phone.

Press *888# on your mobile followed by send, and simply follow the instructions you receive.


Digicel Prepaid Airtime

To check your Prepaid Airtime: Press *124# followed by send. Then check the screen for Airtime Expiry Date. Make sure you top up again before the displayed date!


To Check Your Digicel Flex Balance

Press *120# followed by send and check your screen for a balance message.