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Prepaid Data Rates

Prepaid DATA Plans

Pay as you go rate is 49t per MB. 

Digicel’s Prepaid data plans allow customers to access the internet (WEB/WAP) from a mobile phone, tablet or plug & play device (e.g. dongle used with a computer) that is Internet compatible.

To buy a data plan, dial *777# and follow the instructions on your mobile screen;

To buy a data plan, dial *777# and follow the instructions on your mobile screen;
  • These bundles do not come with Data but offer access ONLY to the site Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Access any other site apart from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be charged to your balance.
  • You have the option to opt-in to auto-renew once you have successfully purchased the social pass
To buy a Add-On data plan, dial *777# and follow the instructions on your mobile screen;


  • Bundle Roll-over applicable only if customer purchases the same plan.
  • USSD Supported – therefore, Dongles, MiFi’s, modems, routers and Tablets will not be able to subscribe for social plans.
  • Effective as of the 8th December 2015, your access to certain websites generating high video steaming traffic will be charged at K1.00 per megabyte.
  • Effective as of the 15th December 2015, all VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocal) calls will be charged at a rate of K1.00 per megabyte. 

Data Gifting

With Data Gifting service, you can purchase a Data Plan for a friend or family member. You can purchase any of the following data plans;

  • 1 Day 60MB
  • 7 Day 150MB
  • 7 Day 375MB
  • 30 Day 2.5GB
  • 30 Day 6GB 
To subscribe, dial *129*Friend's mobile number* data amount# and press send.
See below updated table for the data plans now available on Data Gifting;
  • A service fee of 10t is charged for each successful transaction.


How to Get Digicel internet settings on your device


To get internet settings on your device, send an SMS writing “setup” to 1651; you will receive the setting within 1 hour.  Once you receive the internet setting, please save the settings on your device.

Or alternatively you can call our customer care at 123 to get help.


Unsure of How Much Data You'll Need?

Do you want to know how much data you use?

Try out the Data Calculator. All you do, simply enter the numbers to show what you want to do online with your new connection, and we’ll estimate how much data this will use in a month.