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Digicel Broadband


Digicel Broadband

Simply put, Digicel Broadband is the best mobile data network available in Papua New Guinea. It allows you to wirelessly connect to the internet, email and other web based applications from your smartphone or via a wireless modem. Digicel Broadband provides you with breathtaking speeds at a much more affordable price.

Digicel Broadband uses 3G technology which stands for ‘third generation’ GSM network technology. For you, this means much more, 

Speed: download faster than ever before! 
Productivity: easily work with large files from your phone or laptop, anytime! 
Value: gives you much more data for your Kina!

For more information, click here on Digicel Broadband website.

Web Self Care

With the Digicel Self care, you can buy Data Plans or Top Up your account here.

If you are a new user, you will need to register; but if you have registered then you can log in by clicking here on Web Self Care.