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Digicel Space

Digicel Space is a personal cloud application that stores and secures data such as pictures, videos, files, music, contacts and calendar information for smartphones, tablets and PC (personal computer). This service is available to Digicel customers only.
This application is currently available for Android smartphones and Windows phone (OS version 8). You can also backup files from your personal computer
Monthly Charge Fee:

Monthly FEE

Storage Plans




20 GB Premium


50GB Premium


100GB Premium



 How you can Sign Up?
There are two ways to do so; 
  • From your mobile device, visit from a mobile browser and follow the instructions to login or create a Digicel ID and download the app for your device.
  • From a personal computer, visit from an internet browser and follow the instructions to login or create a Digicel ID and download the app for your device
 Why you should sign up for Digicel Space?

 Digicel Space is an application that allows smartphones to:

  • Access your digital life on multiple devices: The use of more mobile devices and online sites results in a 'splinternet' of your digital life. Your own personal cloud makes it easy to access from mobile smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Sync and share: Keep your records, memories and contacts secure in the cloud. Integration with apps such as Facebook, and Twitter makes it easy to share your life from your smartphone. You can also sync contacts for other phones.
  • All your important stuff in one place: Pictures, videos, music, documents, contacts, and calendars, available when and where you want. You can access from your smartphone app, website.
  • Restore your data: Automatically secure your data on your personal cloud account, where they are available if you lose a device or get a new one. Personal information is stored by Amazon and cannot be accessed by Digicel. It is completely secure & meets international standards for privacy.
  • Across devices: Digicel Space supports currently supports Android, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Mac OS and will be rolled out to other devices, such as iOS/ iPhone, BlackBerry smartphone in the upcoming weeks.
  • If you want more storage, Digicel offers several tiers of storage, ranging from 1 Gigabyte to 30 Gigabytes. You do not have to worry about running out of space anymore.


Download the app in the Google Play store or on a Windows Phone store. To manage your account, visit from your computer.
For more information on this service, just click here Digicel Space FAQ.