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Digicel Daily Subscription

Join our Daily Subscription for loads of fun facts of choice! Your WIRELESS way to keep informed!

Subscribers can now enjoy receiving daily alerts when they join our Subscriptions service. It is a fast and easy way to access the information at your finger tips.
To subscribe, just text the keyword of their chosen category to short code 1633.
They will receive the alerts on a daily basis. A fee 19t per/day for subscription alerts received.
Keywords and categories are as below.


How to subscribe?


Text ‘JOKE’ to 1633


Text ‘QUOTES’ to 1633

Tricks & Tips

Text ‘TRICKS & TIPS’ to 1633

Amazing Facts

Text ‘AMAZING’ to 1633

Saving Tips

Text ‘SAVING’ to 1633

Health Tips

Text ‘HEALTH’ to 1633


Text ‘HORO’ to 1633

ARI – Aries

AQU – Aquarius

CAN – Cancer

GEM – Gemini

LEO – Leo

LIB – Libra

PIS – Pisces

SAG – Sagittarius

SCO – Scorpio

TAU – Taurus

VIR – Virgo

Bible Verse

Text ‘BIBLE’ to 1633

Love Quotes

Text ‘LOVE’ to 1633

Mother’s Day Quotes

Text ‘MUM’ to 1633

Beauty Tips

Text ‘BEAUTY’ to 1633

Cooking Tips

Text ‘COOK’ to 1633

Diet & Fitness Tips

Text ‘DIET’ to 1633

NRL news

Text ‘NRL’ to 1633