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Credit on Loan

Credit on Loan:

Digicel's Credit on Loan Service is made available only to selected prepaid customers.

With this service, eligible customers will receive a SMS offer from  the short code 16164, with a message reading as “Need Credit? Reply Y  to receive K3.00 of credits from Digicel. On your next top up K3.50  will be deducted”


The offer will be received once the customers balance is less than 0.50t.

However, not all eligible customers will receive the same SMS offer from the short code 16164. The service fee will be dependent on the amount offered for loan to the eligible customer.


Repayment will be done upon the customers next top up. This again is dependent on the amount of credit loaned and how much is the top up.


If a customer accepts a credit on loan of K3.00 and does a top up of K3.00,  a partial repayment will be done i.e. the customer will be deducted K2.50 only. On he/she’s next top up, the remaining balance of the loaned credit and the service fee will be deducted.

All top up channels ( Flex, P2P, EVD, BSP etc) can be used to repay the credit on loan. Credit transfer  via *128 is not recognized as  top up channel so cannot be used to repay credit on loan

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