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Digicel Top Up Retail Outlets - Australia, New Zealand and USA

If you live in Australia, New Zealand or USA, you can now directly top up your friends and loved one's phone in PNG.

Topping Up from Australia

Top Up is available at numerous locations across Australia. Visit these locations; 



  • You will have to ring the free call line 1800 067162, located at the bottom of the voucher. This number will take you to a call center where you nominate which country/number you want to send the credit to.
  • Once you give the operator these details and the voucher number and top up amount being sent, customer care will top your nominated number up immediately.


Topping Up from New Zealand

Top Up is available at numerous locations across New Zealand. Visit these locations;


  • Dial Toll free number 0800 3444235 to speak to a Digicel customer service representative on the Top Up voucher
  • Choose option 2 to speak to a Digicel Customer Service agent.
  • The Customer Service Representative will take the number in the Pacific for Top Up and they will ask for name of sender and contact phone number.

But alternatively, you can redeem your voucher just by visiting and following the simple steps.


Topping Up from USA

Top Up is available at numerous locations in USA. Visit these locations;


Transaction of Top Up is made upon purchase. 
  • You request to retailer to send international top up to specific market
  • Then you provide the Digicel mobile number to the retailer
  • Also provide the top up amount to be purchased to the retailer
  • Then purchase top up and receive confirmation receipt detailing successful top up. The receiver will receive a top up SMS text confirming top up received 
For Further Information, click Diaspora Top Up FAQ or visit the Help & FAQ Section and click on Diaspora Top Up FAQ.