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What is Easipawa Easipay?


Easipawa Easipay is Papua New Guinea's first ‘electricity vending system’. This system allows customers to use their Digicel phones to purchase Easipay power units.


Can anyone use the Easipawa Easipay system? 

At present, it is available to both  prepaid and postpaid customers using the service as well.


How do I purchase Easipay power units? 

To purchase Easipay by:

  • Press *775*<meter number>*<amount>#
  • Receive confirmation and authorize
  • Receive SMS message with prepaid voucher and transaction reference number


How much Easipay power unit can I buy each time? 

You can purchase a minimum of K15 and a maximum of K50.


Is there a fee for Easipay? 

Yes, a K1.50 charge will apply to every successful Easipay transaction made.


When can I buy Easipay power units? 

You can buy Easipay power units any time of the day. The service is open 24 hours a day throughout the week.


Who can I contact, should I experience problems? 

Contact our Customer Care on 123.