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Voice and Voicemail

Voice Rates

The best voice plans services from Digicel. Choose between these great voice plans and customise to suit your needs.

Digicel prepaid mobile phone service allows you to stay in control. There are no bills, no rental and no connection fee, you simply pay when you want.
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With Digicel business, you get flexible choices that suit your lifestyle combined with real value for money. Simply choose a package based on estimated time on the phone. Remember the more you spend the more you save!

Voice mail Service

With Digicel, every customer gets a voicemail account, it has been set up automatically that diverts to voicemail if a customer’s phone is switched off or unanswered. However, to activated a voice mail, customers must call 123 customer care and speak to an agent to activate his or her profile.  

Recently, we have done some changes to our voice mail service in order to make our network more efficient and improve the overall customer experience.

1. Dial Tone Change 

Effective as of the 12th of September, 2015

Changes to the voicemail service includes the removal of the prompt that currently states that voice mail will be charged. Instead of the message ‘You will be charged after the tone”, the dial tone for calls will be extended from 15 – 20 seconds in order to give customers the opportunity to leave a message instantly or hang up before they incur costs.

2. Voice mail 555 Charging 


Short Code

Function Description




Retrieval of Voicemail messages


Retrieving a message from one’s phone

K0.00  per/min prepaid

K0.00 per/min prepaid

K0.00  per/min postpaid

K0.00 per/min postpaid



Unanswered calls gets forwarded to the B party's voicemail center message

79t per/min Prepaid

49t per/min Prepaid

71t per/min Postpaid

44t per/min Postpaid

Accessing Voicemail Account


Call 555 and follow the prompts to create a voicemail account

K0.00 per/min prepaid

K0.00 per/min prepaid

K0.00 per/min postpaid

K0.00 per/min postpaid


For more information regarding voice mail charging, click on Voice mail Service FAQ 

All customers have to option to stop the voicemail service on their phone by calling Customer Care on 123.